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What’s a structured settlement?

A “Structured Settlement” is a strategy used to maximize the value of a physical injury lawsuit settlement. It is also used to protect the funds.

Structure payments are tax-free, fixed and guaranteed by highly rated insurance companies.

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  • “Over $2 Billion in guaranteed benefits set-up for our clients in the last 10 years.”

  • Structures work for...

    Structures work for clients who want to create a guaranteed payment stream, while maximizing the value of their settlement proceeds by taking advantage of tax-free growth.
  • Income Replacement

  • Security

  • Minors

  • Disabled Clients

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How Structures Can Help

Meet Robin, a devoted wife and mother who lost her husband in a tragic plane crash. In the video, Robin discusses the many advantages her structured settlement provides, including reliable, pre-determined streams of payments; funds to help pay for living expenses and her children’s education; the certainty of financial resources that won’t be exhausted; and the satisfaction of knowing that her beneficiaries will receive funds even if she were to pass away.

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