Client Stories

  • Client: Developmentally Disabled 4-year-old Male

    Structure Recipient: 4 year old male

    Profile: Young man who had serious injuries that required a lifetime of extrodinary medical care. His parents were concerned that he would outlive his settlement money and would eventually become a ward of the state.

    Structure Plan: $2,000,000 in cash placed in a guardianship account plus $4,000,000 structured. The structure provides $8,000 per month, and increases at 3% every year. The cash is for immediate need and emergencies and is invested in a very safe portfolio. The structure will provide for all of his lifetime needs. The expected benefit of the structure plan is over $26,000,000.

    Total Monthly Benefit:
    Total Structure:
    Guaranteed Benefit:
    Expected Lifetime Benefit:
  • Client: Deceased

    Structure Recipient: Wife and minor child

    Profile: Wife was emotionally and financially spent when we met with her. She was being pressured by every financial planner and banker in her small town, as well as family members. She was afraid of squandering away all of the money. Her plan generated $3,870 per month for 25 years. Minor child’s plan paid her two large lump sums when she turns 18 and 25. She was very satisfied with the plans and had her entire family sign a card thanking us for our efforts.

    Mother hugging daughter
    Total Structure:
    Guaranteed Benefit:
  • Client: Severely Injured

    Structure Recipient: Father who has two sons, 15 and 19 years old

    Profile: The father was a fire fighter. His ability to earn money was dramatically decreased because of his injuries. He wanted to create an income plan for him and his sons so they didn’t have to worry about paying their bills and could live comfortably.

    Structure Plan: Tax-Free monthly income of $5,000 payable for life.

    Total Structure:
    Guaranteed Benefit:
  • Client: Living, but Shortened Life Expectancy

    Structure Recipient: Wife and children, ages 8 and 10

    Profile: Vietnam veteran who was exposed to asbestos in his job as a mechanic. His goal was to make sure that when he passed that his wife and children would be taken care of. He had a lot of pressure from financial suitors. However, none of these other options could guarantee him as high a return on his investment. He told us that he didn’t want to leave anything to chance for his family.

    Structure Plan: $10,000 per month, guaranteed for 40 years

    Total Structure:
    Guaranteed Benefit:
  • Client: Moderately Injured

    Structure Recipient: Young Adult Female

    Profile: 22 year old female received money from a car accident. While her injuries were not permanent, she did receive a decent amount of money. However, she was concerned about spending her settlement money or losing it in bad investments. She saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of a tax-free and guaranteed investment.

    Structure Plan: She set up a series of large lump sum payments on her birthdays, starting at age 25 and paying out every five years until age 50.

    Young woman doctor at computer
    Total Structure:
    Guaranteed Benefit:
  • Client: Deceased

    Structure Recipient: Husband

    Profile: 60 year old, self-made millionaire, astute with money matters. Husband insisted that his two children also structure a portion of their money. He wanted to take advantage of the tax benefits that structures offer, as well as the high rate of return for a guaranteed investment. He also wanted to create a legacy in his wife’s memory.

    Structure Plan: Monthly income for family and college plans for grand daughter

    Total Structure:
    Guaranteed Benefit: